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Jaipur's Fashion Scene: Discover the Top Designers You Need to Know

So, you’ve arrived in Jaipur — a city pulsing with life, where age-old traditions are getting a fresh, funky twist. Imagine walking down the streets where history shakes hands with cutting-edge design.

You’ll meet incredibly passionate artisans who don’t just have skills – they have a magic touch. They’re not just keeping up with trends; they’re setting them, merging the grace of the past with the buzz of today.

Whether it’s for a lavish wedding, the kind of party that sticks in your memory, or any event that needs a shot of wow factor, their eye for perfection and finesse in every little thing is what takes your experience from great to ‘Is this even real?’

Stick with me and let’s dive into the world of Jaipur’s most imaginative designers. You’re in for some serious inspiration – get ready to be blown away!

Rana’s by Kshitija

Experience Elegance and Uniqueness with Rana's by Kshitija

Embark on a magical journey of fashion at Rana’s by Kshitija, where our bespoke creations, each an exclusive piece, are waiting to delight you. Our collection, steeped in timeless elegance and sophistication, is perfect for every occasion, ensuring you stand out effortlessly.

At Rana’s, we believe in the celebration of uniqueness. Hence, every single garment is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that no two pieces are identical. We prioritize comfort and sustainability, using only natural fabrics to create our luxurious dresses. Step into the enchanting world of Rana’s by Kshitija and transform your wardrobe with our ethereal creations!

Pallavi Sethi

Pallavi Sethi

Pallavi Sethi, a globally recognized fashion designer, has made her mark in the industry with her exceptional talent and unique design aesthetic. Her studio, located in the culturally vibrant city of Jaipur on the iconic JLN Marg, is a treasure trove of exquisite Prêt and couture Indo-western clothing.

Her collection spans from elegant tunics and captivating gowns to mesmerizing lehengas, chic cocktail dresses, and stylish western wear. Each piece she crafts is tailored to perfection, reflecting her commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Rohit Kamra: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Rohit Kamra, a distinguished name in the world of fashion, offers a stunning designer collection that beautifully blends tradition with contemporary style. His collection features a range of meticulously crafted ensembles that exude both comfort and luxury.

The collection boasts the robust Hunting Jacket, perfect for those with an adventurous spirit, and the versatile Half Jacket, striking a balance between casual and formal attire. The collection is crowned by the Sherwani-Achkan, a majestic fusion of the traditional sherwani and achkan, symbolizing formal grandeur.

Gaurav Katta: Celebrating India's Cultural Heritage

Gaurav Katta

Gaurav Katta, a renowned Indian clothing and accessories brand, takes pride in offering exclusively handcrafted ethnic ensembles for both men and women. Inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage and diverse craftsmanship techniques, Gaurav Katta’s collections are a vibrant tapestry of sarees, tailored kurta sets, opulent sherwanis, and intricately designed jewelry.

Each creation undergoes a meticulous process of hand-weaving, dyeing, embroidery, or other skills passed down through generations of skilled artisans, ensuring the authenticity and quality of each piece.

House of Armuse : Harmonizing Elegance and Innovation

House of Armuse

House of Armuse is a unique and innovative brand that beautifully blends diverse styles into a stunning collection. It seamlessly merges the elegance of bridal couture, the classicism of evening wear, and the luxury of resort wear into an exquisite collection that transcends boundaries.

The brand caters to women who aspire to embody sophistication. It represents an artistic vision that embraces the essence of luxurious exclusivity while simultaneously balancing timeless elegance with contemporary flair.

Vestidoz By Renu-Ka-Shivam: Inspiring Confidence through Fashion

Vestidoz By Renu-Ka-Shivam

Vestidoz by Renu-Ka-Shivam is a respected designer brand that offers fashion-forward styles infused with the latest trends and a unique flair. Our primary goal is to inspire our customers to embrace their best selves, fostering remarkable confidence in their skin and in the stunning outfits they choose to wear.

With a steadfast commitment to quality, innovative design, and exceptional comfort, we strive to create a dazzling array of ensembles that empower our discerning clientele.

Versha Sethi: Redefining Style through Innovation

Versha Sethi, a renowned designer in the world of women’s fashion, consistently showcases her exceptional flair for crafting luxurious and bespoke attire tailored exclusively for discerning clientele. Her versatile designs cater to a wide array of tastes, preferences, and occasions.

As a true visionary within the realm of women’s fashion, Versha Sethi continues to redefine style norms through her innovative designs and exceptional attention to detail.

Swati Ubroi : Fusing Art and Innovation

At Swati Ubroi, our core philosophy revolves around the fusion of art and innovation in each of our creations. Our mission is to design products that not only showcase the beauty of artistic expression but also hold the power to forge an emotional connection.

By blending tradition with contemporary flair, we continue to push the boundaries of design and create a memorable connection between our creations and those who appreciate and cherish them.

Swati Ubroi : Fusing Art and Innovation

Aarti Sethia Studio: Where Passion Meets Fashion

Aarti Sethia Studio was started by Aarti Sethia, an enthusiastic and dedicated fashion designer. She is quickly becoming well-known in the fashion industry. Aarti has a talent for paying attention to intricate details and staying on top of the latest fashion trends. Her goal is to create outstanding designs suitable for both men and women.

The studio offers a wide variety of clothing, from professional suits for work to stylish, relaxed outfits. Each piece shows Aarti’s commitment to making unique designs that appeal to people who love modern fashion.

Aarti Sethia Studio: Where Passion Meets Fashion


At Suadre, we bring you the latest in bespoke fashion with a selection of fabrics and styles influenced by emerging trends. Our team is always searching for innovative designs and materials to combine modern styles with personalized tailoring.

Express yourself creatively. We get the importance of well-fitting garments that feel like a second skin. Our commitment is to provide a tailored fit for each customer, aiming for an unforgettable experience. Our skilled tailors ensure we deliver on this promise.

Pallavi Jaipur

The ‘PALLAVI JAIPUR’ fashion label celebrates Rajasthan’s colorful culture and rich traditions. Based in Jaipur, our designs are inspired by the city’s heritage, focusing on wearable, sustainable luxury. We blend traditional techniques with modern style to create unique pieces.

Our clothing features handmade embroideries and prints on soft chiffon and handloom fabrics. Since its inception in 2009, Pallavi Jaipur has become a staple at Indian fashion weeks and is recognized by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). Our designs are sold in premier boutiques both in India and internationally. We’re proud to bring Jaipur’s fashion to the world stage.

Punit Balana Fashion Designer

Punit Balana Fashion Designer

Punit Balana, a designer from Bikaner who now works in Jaipur, infuses his creations with a deep respect for Rajasthan’s culture. By working closely with local artisans, Punit designs clothing that blends traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern style, accessible to all.

From a young age, Punit knew his passion lay in fashion and design. As a self-taught designer since 2001, he has dedicated himself to learning and perfecting the craft techniques unique to Jaipur. His brand stands for sustainability and celebrates the heritage of handcrafted Indian textiles. With every fabric he creates, Punit honors the age-old crafts of Rajasthan.

PKIN Luxury Clothing

PKIN Luxury Clothing

PKIN has quickly become a favorite in the fashion world. Their intricate and engaging designs win over customers with top-quality products. They offer Ethnic Men’s Wear that includes Tie and Dye Kurta Pants, reflecting India’s vibrant fashion tradition.

Their collection also features eye-catching Blazers & Coats and Sherwanis that make grooms stand out on their wedding days. Behind these creations are skilled designers who bring Pankaj’s vision to life, producing exceptional clothing.

Daamann Thee Designer Studio

Daamann Thee Designer Studio

Daamann Thee Designer Studio combines the charm of old-world design with modern style to create unique clothing. Since 1997, our Jaipur-based studio crafts garments to be treasured like family keepsakes, celebrating India’s textile heritage.

Each piece is carefully made by artisans who use their deep knowledge of India’s textile history. Our artisans infuse every piece with generations of skill, making each garment a tribute to historical artistry made for today’s fashion.

Daamann Thee Designer Studio

SAUNDH - Jaipur

Saundh, located in the lively streets of Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, stands out as a top choice for fashionable clothing. SAUNDH – Jaipur isn’t just a store – it represents the beauty and energy of Indian clothing. The brand aims to serve those who appreciate clothing that blends traditional Indian styles with a modern touch. They offer a variety of carefully made kurtis that flatter the wearer’s shape.

There are also elegant gowns that combine a comfortable fit with beautiful traditional patterns. For special events, their lehengas showcase detailed artistry, ensuring you look magnificent. Additionally, they provide Indo-fusion outfits that redefine typical attire, ensuring both comfort and fashion.

Abhilasha Design Studio

Abhilasha Design Studio offers unique and personalized ethnic clothing for women and children, blending tradition with contemporary styles. Clients are invited to express their unique taste through customized fashion statements.

Our collection includes tailor-made Kurtis, party dresses, lehengas, and more, all crafted to reflect the wearer’s personal style. We strive to capture the elegance of ethnic fashion with a touch that is uniquely yours.

Anuthhi Fashion Studio

Anuthhi Fashion Studio

Anuthhi Fashion Studio takes pride in crafting clothes that resonate with women’s individuality. We focus on the beautiful interplay of weaves, patterns, and textures to create garments that are both fashionable and deeply personal. The studio’s signature lies in its dedication to exploring the intricate dance between weaves, threads, patterns, and fabrics to reveal clothing that isn’t just an expression of style but also an extension of one’s personality.

Our collection invites women to experience the blend of traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern, practical style that enhances both their look and their lifestyle.

Gazal Mishra

In 2015, Gazal Mishra launched her own brand, driven by her passion for supporting local artisans and craftsmen. Her work honors creative expression and cultural heritage while focusing on sustainable practices in fashion.

Gazal’s commitment to sustainability is evident in her use of organic materials, creating clothes that tell stories of a balance between stylish dressing and environmental care. Her designs appeal to those who value sophistication and sustainability.

In Jaipur, the fashion scene is vibrant with talented designers who skillfully mix classic looks with contemporary design to create memorable outfits.

These designers are recognized for their excellent workmanship, careful attention to detail, and focus on delivering high-quality pieces. They are ready to impress you with their new and distinct designs for your important occasions.


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