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Surat Fashion Designers

Discovering Surat’s Couture: The Top Fashion Designers You Need to Know

Surat, located in Gujarat, is more than a center for India’s textile industry. This vibrant city is home to innovative fashion designers who create original and fashionable clothing.

These Surat designers make ready-to-wear clothes for everyone using high-quality fabrics to ensure comfort and style. They also offer the option to shop online for convenience. Want to know more about these outstanding fashion pioneers and the stylish collection they offer? Keep reading!

SAANJA - A Multi Designer Store

SAANJA - A Multi Designer Store

SAANJA, Surat’s premier destination for fashion, brings together the finest creations from India’s most renowned designers. At SAANJA, you can find an extensive collection that is perfect for brides, wedding parties, and anyone looking for high-end fashion, including pret wear.

We also offer a variety of fashion jewelry, accessories, and stylish menswear. Whether you’re preparing for your own special day or looking to add elegance to your wardrobe, SAANJA is your one-stop designer hub.

Ajiliyaa | Multi Designer Studio

Ajiliyaa | Multi Designer Studio

Ajiliyaa is Surat’s premier destination for fashion enthusiasts, offering the largest Multi Designer Hub in the city. This exclusive studio brings together the works of India’s most renowned designers, all under one roof, making it easier for shoppers to find high-quality and trendy bridal and wedding attire.

The studio prides itself on its diverse and exquisite selection, appealing to various styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more contemporary, Ajiliyaa’s range of leading Indian Designers ensures that every customer can find something to suit their taste.

Krina Patel

Krina Patel is a women’s clothing brand specializing in modern, easy-to-wear festive outfits with an Indian heritage. We believe clothes are a powerful way to show who you are, so we offer designs that blend timeless style with fresh, unique details. Our collection includes a variety of prints adorned with detailed, modern embroidery in bright colors and superior quality.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted to stand out with its unique mix of enduring charm and sophistication. Our contemporary twists on classic embroidery ensure every outfit is perfect for life’s special events.

Maaishaa Fashion

Welcome to Maaishaa Fashion, your go-to destination for stylish women’s attire. As an official retailer, we’re excited to offer an extensive selection of ready-to-wear dresses from renowned brands Pranjul and Shree Ganesh. Our collection is carefully curated to ensure every customer finds the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for casual or something more formal, our store promises high-quality garments that blend comfort with the latest trends.

Vellora By Riya Shah


Vellora, created by Riya Shah, crafts personalized outfits for every occasion. Riya’s attention to detail and style sense ensures that each piece, be it a traditional or Western garment, is tailored to the client’s specific wishes.

Available globally, Vellora caters to your fashion needs whether you want a unique wedding dress, a striking party outfit, or a custom-made suit. The experienced team at Vellora promises to deliver clothing that truly represents who you are.

Saheb Designer Studio

Saheb Designer Studio is a haven for bridal and special event attire, offering a vast selection of styles including western tops, wedding gowns, photoshoot dresses, and more. Committed to top-notch quality and client happiness, the studio provides options to rent or sell back garments.

With dedicated designers and craftsmen, Saheb combines timeless techniques with modern design. Looking for your perfect wedding outfit or a dazzling dress for an event? Make Saheb Designer Studio your go-to for all things fashion.

Saheb Designer Studio

JINI Couture - The Fashion Studio

JINI Couture

At JINI COUTURE, we focus on top-quality products and your satisfaction. Our dedicated team works hard to give you a smooth and pleasant shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for clothing or accessories, we have a wide selection to suit all styles.

We’re known for our commitment to quality, fair prices, and outstanding service, making us a favorite in Surat for those who love fashion. For incredible style and contentment with your purchase, choose JINI COUTURE.

Sim's Designer Studio

Sim's Designer Studio

Seema Kalavadiya created Sim’s Designer Studio to lead in modern fashion design. Seema brings her passion and fashion sense to the studio every day. We offer a variety of clothes and accessories for all preferences.

At Sim’s Designer Studio, we aim to be trendsetters while ensuring you always look trendy and current. Our attention to detail and drive for perfection keep us as a standout name in Surat’s fashion industry.

Ajal The Wedding Gallery

Ajal The Wedding Gallery

Ajal’s The Wedding Gallery, opened in 2017, is a popular bridal shop in Surat’s Bombay Market. Brides can find a wide selection of gowns, lehengas, and more to make them feel special on their wedding day.

Ajal’s committed team tailors each dress to fit the bride’s taste and style, ensuring top quality and customer happiness. This dedication has made them a favorite for bridal fashion.

Ajal The Wedding Gallery

Anaya Designer Studio

Anaya Designer Studio

Anaya Designer Studio, started by Shashwt Shah in 2019, began by selling traditional Indian women’s wear. It now offers a broad range of clothing including sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, gowns, and kurtis that celebrate India’s cultural beauty.

The studio’s skilled staff works to combine culture with festive cheer in its designs. Serving customers worldwide – from the USA to Singapore – Anaya Designer Studio is known for its unique traditional outfits for festive occasions.

Raja-Rani Couture

Raja-Rani Couture

At Raja-Rani Couture, we’re all about making you happy with tailor-made clothing. You can choose from a variety of bridal outfits and matching side dresses to rent, buy, or sell back, guaranteeing you look stunning on your big day.

We pay great attention to the details in design, craftsmanship, and sewing to meet all your needs, ensuring you wear a one-of-a-kind piece that will turn heads.

Lajree Designer

Lajree Designer

Sagar and Pankaj established Lajree Designer to bring India’s handcrafted traditions straight to your home. We scour the country for the finest handmade designs from local artisans and make them available to you.

Our commitment to genuine craftsmanship has made us the “Most Trusted Ethnic Brand of India.” We invite you to shop with us and discover the exquisite beauty of India’s artisanal creations.

Master's Designer Studio

Master’s Designer Studio is your go-to place for a wide selection of traditional clothing, featuring a special lineup of kurtas. We prioritize high-quality products and customer happiness, ensuring you get the finest traditional attire at great prices.

Master’s Designer Studio offers a diverse range of styles and designs, making it your one-stop shop for ethnic wear.

Lado Ladi - The Designer Fashion Studio

Since its inception in 2017 in Surat, Lado Ladi has established itself as a fashion brand for the modern woman, offering fresh designs that merge today’s trends with classic craftsmanship.

Our unique and striking clothing collections have made us a popular choice for style-minded individuals. You can find us in Mota Varachha, where we continue to attract customers from Surat and beyond.

Suruchi Parakh Couture

In 2015, Suruchi Parakh launched her own fashion line after gaining experience and education in the industry. Her designs, influenced by her mother and a passion for Indian art and colors, showcase the elegance of traditional Indian clothing. Known for their meticulous hand embroidery, Suruchi Parakh’s garments are works of art.

The success of Suruchi’s brand stems from her dedication to her team and clients, and their unwavering loyalty and hard work. Suruchi Parakh Couture has earned a reputation for sophisticated, enduring styles that honor India’s cultural legacy.

Vastra Designer

Vastra Designer is your go-to place for women’s designer clothing. Featuring a wide selection in their brand-new showroom, Vastra aims to offer the latest fashions along with classic staples for style-conscious women. Their collection caters to various events so that you’re always dressed to impress.

Whether it’s a wedding, a formal gathering, or just everyday wear, Vastra Designer has something for every occasion. The design team constantly updates the collection with new trends to ensure you look modern and chic. If you’re looking for a satisfying shopping experience with clothes that make you eager to return, Vastra Designer promises just that.

Surat, a major center for textile trade in India, boasts a wealth of skilled designers who expertly combine local traditions with modern fashion. Their eye-catching outfits suit all sorts of occasions.

Looking for a bespoke piece for a special day, a thoughtful present, or the newest fashion? Surat’s leading designers have you covered. Explore Surat’s fashion scene and let yourself be captivated by their designs.


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