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Chic in Chennai: Meet the Designers Redefining Style in the City

Attention to those who love fashion! Have you ever imagined yourself capturing everyone’s attention with a look worthy of a celebrity?

We’re excited to introduce you to seven pioneering fashion designers from Chennai who will take your fashion sense to new heights!

Discover what’s new and stylish directly from these industry leaders and step into the glamorous life you’ve always desired.

Nazia Syed

Nazia Syed’s shop in Chennai specializes in personalized bridal wear, like embroidered dresses, advice on fashion, and complete bridal makeovers. They excel in crafting blouses, traditional skirts (lehengas), evening gowns, clothing for children, and fusion outfits that work for any celebration.

Nazia Syed pays close attention to every detail to ensure you look perfect. Share your style needs with us and get a tailor-made dress for your big day. Wearing Nazia Syed’s dresses means enjoying a memorable experience of exceptional style and comfort.

Vivek Karunakaran

Vivek Karunakaran

Vivek Karunakaran creates clothing for men and women who are proud of their unique views. His clothes are timeless and can be worn by anyone, blending Indian craftsmanship with international influence. This mix caters to a broad audience that appreciates cultural diversity in fashion.

Vivek Karunakaran’s fashions are chosen by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike, such as Christian Louboutin, Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Shankar Mahadevan, Suriya, Chiyan Vikram, Tammanah, and Nayantara.

Studio 149

Studio 149 was founded in 2013 and is known for making timeless and fashionable clothes that fit all body types and personalities. We specialize in bespoke Indian bridal wear for women. Our collection includes meticulously crafted pieces with a mix of fabrics, standout shapes, contemporary draping, and refined detailing.

Studio 149 meets the individual needs of our clients, positioning us as the go-to brand for high-end bridal and event wear in Chennai.

Bandana Narula

Bandana Narula

With a solid educational background in fashion and nine years of professional designing behind her, Bandana Narula is a celebrated name in Indian bridal and ready-to-wear fashion. Her passion for design shines through her work, and she is prominently featured at events such as the Chennai Couture Fashion Week.

Many well-known figures from the South Indian fashion, film, and TV industries wear Bandana’s designs. She has also built a global customer base who adore her work.

Archana Karthick

Archana Karthick’s brand, based in Chennai for over a year, is a favorite for traditional bridal and evening wear. Her designs blend timeless elegance with contemporary flair, which is ideal for weddings and other significant occasions.

Archana offers a wide selection of clothing for events such as engagements, wedding shoots, maternity, etc. The collection includes skirts and tops (lehengas), evening gowns, blouses, two-piece traditional attire (half sarees), flowy dresses (Anarkali), professional clothing, everyday wear, trendsetting pieces, ready-made garments, and handmade wedding accessories.

Archana Karthick



Since 2004, Mokshaa has been creating clothing that reflects the grandeur of Indian culture and customs. They specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind garments suited for any event you may have in mind – be it an intimate home gathering or an opulent wedding, offering styles for both women and men.

Mokshaa is located on Cathedral Road in Chennai, making it accessible to those who love fashion. To serve clients globally, they also provide exclusive online shopping options.

Minaliya Fashions

Established in 2017, Minaliya is a designer store focusing on bridal sarees. Inspired by the meaning of its name, “princess,” Minaliya prioritizes top-notch designs and exceptional customer care. They cater to diverse fashion needs, offering everything from wedding attire to everyday wear.

Founder Mrs Manju Maniprakash has a passion for fashion and personally handpicks designs and materials. Her aim is to turn Minaliya into a globally recognized brand that marries traditional Indian elegance with modern style.

Minaliya Fashions

Want the perfect celebrity look? Look no further than our selection of seven renowned designers who offer a variety of styles to help you emulate celebrity fashion.

Whether you’re attending a sophisticated cocktail party or an A-lister event, our talented designers in Chennai will dress you impressively.


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