Top Fashion Designers in Amritsar

top fashion designers in Amritsar

Time to Revamp Your Wardrobe: Exploring Amritsar's Finest Fashion Designers

Welcome to Amritsar, a city that’ll leave you mesmerized with its stunning Golden Temple, rich historical stories at Jallianwala Bagh, and a captivating feed of delicious Punjabi food!

But guess what? This lively place isn’t just all that; it’s also a hotspot for fashion lovers and trendsetters!

Amritsar’s fashion designers are rocking the scene with their classic creations and innovative styles, making a lasting impression in the world of fashion. So come along with us as we explore the best designers this fabulous city has to offer – it’s a paradise for every fashion enthusiast.

Don’t miss out on this exciting journey – adventure is calling!

Bonita Khanna

Bonita Khanna

Bonita Khanna brings together the best of both worlds in her fashion designs. She’s an imaginative designer who has a real love for blending age-old craftsmanship and modern styles. Her creations include gorgeous sarees, chic Western wear, and unique Indo-Western outfits, all designed to make you look and feel fabulous.

With Bonita’s designs, you get a beautiful mix of luxurious fabrics, detailed embroidery, and up-to-date cuts – perfect for women who want to combine tradition with a modern twist.

Design Grid By Dolly Taneja

Design Grid By Dolly Taneja​

Dolly Taneja’s Design Grid offers an incredible variety of top-notch designs. At Dolly Taneja Design Grid, you’ll find an impressive range – from simple, understated pieces to intricate, eye-catching styles and from timeless traditional embroidery to chic, contemporary outfits.

Every design in our collection is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and quality, ensuring that our customers always look and feel their best. Explore the vibrant world of Dolly Taneja’s Design Grid today for the perfect blend of fashion-forward ingenuity and stylish elegance in a single, seamless shopping experience.

The Couture By KJH

The Couture By KJH

Welcome to the ultimate hotspot for fabulous designer brands that cater to every fashionista’s needs! At our haven for fashion lovers, you’ll discover not only an incredible shopping experience but also a diverse range of stylish clothing.

From chic Western and trendy Indo-Western to elegant Indian attire, we’ve got all the ladies covered with our exceptional collection. So, treat yourself to a fantastic fashion journey by visiting our store, and make every moment of browsing apparel truly delightful.

Maahi Design Studio

Maahi Design Studio

Meet Maahi Mukesh Mehra, the creative mind behind Maahi Design Studio, where style and sophistication come together to provide the best men’s designer suits in Amritsar. Whether you’re attending a special event or preparing for your big day, Maahi Design Studio offers a fantastic collection of wedding sherwanis, ensuring you look your absolute best in Amritsar.

Step into the world of bespoke fashion and experience the elegance, artistry, and passion that Maahi infuses into each creation. Don’t miss the chance to dazzle on every occasion with impeccably designed menswear at Maahi Design Studio.

Siddhi Arora Couture

Siddhi Arora couture designer in amritsar

Introducing SIDDHI ARORA Couture, where we bring a touch of modern flair to traditional Indian fashion. Our stunning range of lehengas for brides and bridesmaids, as well as our versatile collection of other Indian clothing, is designed to make you feel extraordinary.

With a unique blend of style and elegance, our apparels are thoughtfully created for those special moments that deserve exceptional couture. So, why not dive into the world of SIDDHI ARORA and explore the alluring beauty of modern Indian couture?

Whether you’re a seasoned fashion lover, a daring trendsetter, or simply someone who adores great style, the creative designers in Amritsar are sure to charm you.

So, why not explore the city’s vibrant fashion scene and get ready to be wowed by your favorite Amritsar designers?


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