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Chic and Trendy: A Tour of Mohali's Top 9 Fashion Boutiques

Welcome to Mohali, famous for its iconic cricket stadium hosting international and IPL games, thrilling fans everywhere. But there’s more—Mohali is also a rising star in fashion.

Known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, this Punjab city is fast becoming a business and culture center, with a vibrant fashion industry. Here, designer boutiques create beautiful clothes and accessories for all tastes, blending traditional Indian garments with modern Western styles.

Discover Mohali’s fashion boutiques offering and find your perfect look on your next visit.

Threads Boutique By Nishu

collection of Threads Boutique By Nishu​, boutiques in mohali

Threads Boutique by Nishu in Mohali is a renowned store for women’s fashion, offering a wide range of unique boutique dresses and high-quality clothing. Nishu carefully selects items that reflect modern femininity and appeal to various tastes.

The boutique, while popular locally in Mohali, also ships its clothes all over the world. It’s known for its dedication to women’s fashion and consistently creates trendsetting designs.

Afreen Designer Studio

Afreen Designer Studio

Afreen Designer Studio, also in Mohali, is considered the area’s top boutique for its refined style. It features a beautiful collection of suits and lehengas suitable for special events such as weddings, parties, or festivals.

Visiting Afreen Designer Studio, you’ll find yourself in an elegant setting with a vast selection of fashionable clothes. It’s the place to go in Mohali for those looking for high-end designer outfits.

Pehrawa Boutique

Pehrawa Boutique​ in mohali

Pehrawa Boutique is a highly regarded shop in Mohali, with more than 40 years of history. It offers a wide selection of tailor-made suits, including traditional Punjabi and Pakistani styles, wedding suits, flared A-line outfits, and Palazzo suits.

Pehrawa Boutique is also known for its variety of salwar pants, such as the full Patiala Shahi style, straight and narrow cuts, the roomy Afghani style, and fitted Churidars. Customers can expect high-quality tailoring and the latest fashion trends.

Aaizah Boutique By Manvi Khurana

Aaizah Boutique By Manvi Khurana

Aaizah Boutique by Manvi Khurana is a top fashion stop known for its AAIZAH brand. Created with a deep passion for design by Manvi Khurana, the boutique offers elegant clothes that celebrate the essence of modern sophistication. With a focus on quality, the collection at Aaizah Boutique provides beautifully crafted outfits suitable for any event.

To make sure everyone has access to their designs, Aaizah Boutique ships their clothes all over the world. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can enjoy the luxury and style of AAIZAH clothing.

Aaizah Boutique By Manvi Khurana

Nari Collections

Nari Collections​

Nari Collections, centered in Mohali, delights in its extensive selection of high-quality, trendy suiting materials, stylish shirts, and beautiful women’s wear. We’re leading the charge in youthful fashion with products that stand out for their quality, style, and comfort.

Our top-tier finishing processes turn quality materials into outstanding, internationally recognized fabrics. Nari Collections is dedicated to enhancing your satisfaction with our products and customer service.

Kaur Boutique

Kaur Boutique​ in mohali

Kaur Boutique is a top-tier women’s shop in the vibrant city of Mohali, celebrated for its high-quality sewing services. Known as the preferred spot for women who value a mix of style and skilled craftsmanship, Kaur Boutique strives to provide only the finest.

At Kaur Boutique, we always meet our deadlines and ensure customer happiness. Thanks to our focus on timely service and attention to detail, whether you’re gearing up for a special event or just refreshing your personal collection with tailor-made outfits, your time at Kaur Boutique will be enjoyable and make you eager for your next visit.

Whiterose By Jaspreet Kaur

Whiterose By Jaspreet Kaur

Whiterose, created by Jaspreet Kaur, presents a beautiful range of high-end traditional clothing for stylish women. Its vast collection covers all types of events, from casual to luxury, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every taste.

The designs at Whiterose blend classic elegance with modern style, making each piece a standout creation. To serve customers around the globe, Whiterose ships internationally, offering an easy and borderless online shopping experience.

Whiterose By Jaspreet Kaur

Majha Creations Boutique

Majha Creations Boutique in mohali

Majha Creations Boutique started by Kiran Aulakh in April 2018 during the Vaisakhi festival. It quickly formed a solid online presence across social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. With a dedicated following of over 25,000, Majha Creations has earned the loyalty and trust of customers worldwide.

Committed to outstanding service every day, Majha Creations promises that customers will find their ideal suit that represents a perfect mix of fashion, quality, and uniqueness.

Aman Sandhu Boutique

Aman Sandhu Boutique in mohali

Aman Sandhu Boutique is your all-in-one fashion shop for every occasion, with a wide variety of formal, casual, party, and bridal wear, plus colorful dupattas to enhance any outfit. Our party wear is trendy and makes a bold statement, while our bridal wear turns dream wedding dresses into reality.

Our selection of dupattas can elevate any look with added elegance. Visit us for a memorable shopping experience and find the perfect attire for any event.

Mohali’s bustling city life, where cricket meets culture, is also home to a thriving fashion industry that reflects modern styles and the creativity of local designers. They specialize in everything from stunning traditional Indian outfits to sleek Western styles. These boutiques await you with their irresistible designs and invite you to discover their beautiful collections.

Experience Mohali’s rich fashion scene by visiting these exceptional boutiques without delay!


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