Explore 26 Stunning Saree Styles from across India!

Types of Sarees

Discover the Beauty of India: 26 Saree Styles You Must Know

India, a beautifully diverse country, is home to 28 states, each boasting its own Unique Languages, Traditions, and Religions.

In this colorful tapestry of culture, traditional garments like sarees hold a special place in women’s hearts, being passed down through generations.

Just imagine draping yourself in the luxurious Kanjivarams of Tamil Nadu, the vivid Bandhani from Gujarat, or the classic Banaras silk from Varanasi!

A saree has this magical ability to make any woman feel like royalty.

It’s momentous for every Indian woman to have a collection of different sarees and wear them frequently to keep our rich culture thriving and full of life.

Today, let’s explore some of the most popular Indian saree styles that have won hearts not only throughout India, but also in different parts of the world.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Kanjeevaram Saree

The Kanjeevaram saree is a highly sought-after wedding saree in South India, originating from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

This saree is famous for its bright colors and beautiful borders featuring temple designs. Its unique feature is the addition of a golden thread, which adds an elegant touch to the fabric.

Banarasi Sarees

Originating from Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are known for their intricate gold embroidery and are popular as wedding attire in North India. These sarees date back to the Mughal era, featuring floral and foliage designs inspired by that period.

Their beautiful colors, shine, and texture make them suitable for everyday wear as well.

Chanderi Sarees

Originating from Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi sarees add elegance to royal events with their beautiful designs. These sarees feature patterns such as traditional flowers, peacocks, and geometric shapes.

Brides often wear them for pre- and post-wedding celebrations.

Paithani Sarees

Paithani sarees are traditional Indian garments from Paithan, a city in Maharashtra. They are made from fine silk and often feature detailed gold and silver embroidery.

These sarees symbolize status and wealth and are commonly given as wedding gifts to young women.

Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees, originating from Odisha, India, are handloom sarees made from cotton or silk and known for their vibrant, detailed patterns.

Traditional Sambalpuri sarees are white with a red border, but now they come in various colors and designs.

Bandhani Sarees

These sarees are famous in Rajasthan and Gujarat and use a ‘Bandhej’ tie and dye technique. This involves bunching the fabric into tiny knots and creating distinctive designs.

Bandhani sarees are unique and colorful, perfect for the Indian summer.

Kantha Sarees

Kantha Sarees

Kantha isn’t just a name; it’s a style of embroidery that breathes life into the saree. It’s not about the fabric but rather the intricately stitched patterns that make it stand out.

The beauty of a Kantha Saree lies in its creation. Rural women pour their time, effort, and creativity into each design, resulting in a stunning testament to their dedication and skill.

Bengali Sarees

The Bengali Saree, also known as the Tant saree, is more than just a garment. It’s a piece of Bengali tradition woven from the threads of the region’s history.

The word ‘Tant’ means ‘made of loom’, highlighting the saree’s essence. It’s a must-have for cotton saree lovers, as it’s crafted from the finest cotton, making it a prized possession in any wardrobe.

Nauvari Sarees

Nauvari Sarees

The Nauvari Saree finds its roots along the west coast of India and stands out as a unique traditional Indian saree. Draped in the extraordinary “kashta” style, the saree’s border is tucked in at the back.

This draping approach symbolizes strength and courage from Maratha women warriors who wore sarees like a dhoti for easy horse riding and nimble movement during battles.

Patola Sarees

The Patola Saree is an exquisite double ikat woven sari crafted from silk and hailing from Patan, Gujarat. The term “patola” is plural, with “patolu” being the singular form. Its intricate weaving follows traditional methods, making each saree a labor of love that requires a considerable amount of time and skill.

Due to its rarity and regal associations, you’ll often find members of royal and aristocratic families wearing these stunning pieces.

Ilkal Sarees

Ilkal Sarees

Ilkal sarees are beautiful waist-cloth garments traditionally worn by women in some parts of Karnataka, India.

Recognized for their singular weaving style and elaborate geometric patterns created by a unique knotting technique, these sarees boast either cotton or silk material in rich red or black shades.

Gadwal Sarees

Gadwal Sarees

The charming town of Gadwal in Telangana is where the exquisite Gadwal sarees come from. These traditional handloom sarees are celebrated for their delicate silk fabrics and detailed gold embroidery.

Crafted with mulberry silk, Gadwal sarees usually showcase a glistening gold-plated border known as the kacchua Pattu.

Uppada Sarees

Originating from the quaint town of Uppada in Andhra Pradesh, the Uppada saree is equally as mesmerizing. It stands out for its exceptional weaving technique that employs super-fine silk threads, resulting in a soft and lustrous fabric.

Adorned with enchanting gold and silver embroideries, the Uppada sarees dazzle with vibrant beadwork.

Kashmiri Sarees

Kashmiri Sarees

Kashmir’s captivating beauty is mirrored in its elegant sarees. High-quality silk and intricate embroideries leave an undeniable mark on everyone who lays eyes on a Kashmiri saree.

The colors used are gentle and subtle, reminiscent of the serene landscapes found in the Kashmir region.

Mashru Sarees

Mashru Sarees

The Mashru saree, originating from India, is crafted with a delightful blend of silk and cotton. Taking its name from the city of Mashru – once a hub for producing these striking pieces – this saree is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for daily wear.

Adorned with simple embroidery or prints, it’s elegantly finished with a contrasting border.

Assam Silk Sarees

Assam Silk Sarees

Hailing from the Assam region in India, the Assam silk sarees are made from beautiful mulberry silk. Their lightness and smooth texture make draping effortless, while their bright and vivid colors showcase intricate designs woven within.

Often featuring gold or silver embroidered borders and tassel-adorned pallus, they’re a popular choice among Indian brides.

Leheriya Sarees

Leheriya Sarees

Famous for their captivating wave-like patterns, Leheriya sarees are another stunning type of Indian saree. Deriving their name from the Hindi word for “wave”, these unique designs come to life through tie-dyeing parallel lines onto the fabric.

Made commonly from cotton or silk, Leheriya sarees boast vibrant colors that embody the flow of water and hold cultural significance as Hindu women traditionally don them during monsoon season.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees have a light and breezy feel to them, making them an ideal choice for hot summer days. Their slightly sheer appearance is due to the mix of natural and synthetic fibers in making the fabric.

These elegant sarees often feature detailed embroidery or beadwork and come in a vast array of colors and designs.

Georgette Sarees

Many Indian women favor Georgette sarees because of their lightweight and airy characteristics. High-quality yarns give the fabric a smooth, silky texture that’s perfect for special occasions. These sarees usually boast intricate embroidery or beading, adding to their charm.

To ensure they last, it’s best to store Georgette sarees in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Pochampally Sarees

Pochampally Sarees

Originating from the small town of Pochampally in India’s Nalgonda district, Pochampally sarees showcase the exceptional skills of local traditional weavers. They’re crafted from vibrant “Ikkat silk” and are known for their striking color combinations and patterns.

You’ll typically find bold geometric or floral designs across these eye-catching sarees.

Chikankari Sarees

Chikankari Sarees

Chikankari Sarees are a unique type of saree known for their intricate white embroidery work. Crafted with lightweight cotton fabric threads, these sarees often incorporate georgette and muslin materials for elegance and heavenly charm. Chikankari Sarees have graced the wardrobes of many Bollywood actresses, who pair them with stylish backless blouse designs.

Frequently capturing the attention of the media during festive parties and wedding events, these sarees are truly remarkable.

Gota Patti Sarees

Originating from Rajasthan, Gota Patti Sarees are a classic Indian ensemble women wear at cultural functions and momentous occasions.

Among their most striking features are the gold and silver ribbons and lace intricately woven into the fabrics, creating gorgeous and captivating patterns across the saree.

Phulkari Sarees

Reflecting the vibrant folk embroidery of Punjab, Phulkari sarees boast stunning patterns that range from florals to geometric shapes. These exquisite designs come to life through detailed stitches on the coarse side of cotton fabric.

Amplifying their allure are the rich colors that permeate each Phulkari piece, making them truly eye-catching masterpieces.

Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari sarees showcase exquisitely handcrafted designs that draw inspiration from Hindu culture and the natural world.

With their stunning artistic charm and intricate motifs, these sarees are truly wearable masterpieces.

Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore Silk Sarees

Renowned for their opulent colors and luxurious shine, Mysore silk sarees captivate with their rich silk fabric and intricate golden zari borders.

Boasting both regal sophistication and cultural importance, these sarees are loved around the world, especially by brides seeking that perfect South Indian bridal look.

Organza Sarees

Organza Sarees

Organza sarees charm with their unique soft silk fabric and diverse designs. These trendy garments celebrate elegance while paying homage to the India-China trade relations’ cultural heritage.

Known for their lightweight material, breathability, and a touch of allure, Organza sarees hold a special place in the hearts of fashion-conscious Indian women.

Well, there you have it – a collection of 26 amazing sarees from all across India! As you can see, each saree has its own fascinating history, unique style, and eye-catching design. So, whether you’re searching for a traditional or contemporary look, there’s definitely a saree out there that’s just perfect for you.

Got a favorite type of saree? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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